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Shipping & Returns
  • Free delivery is offered to all countries worldwide. 
  • All orders are shipped directly from our supplier in Asia. If you want, you can read more below.
  • The delivery times may very per country. This depends mostly on thte time it takes for customs and the local post carrier to deliver your package.
  • The delivery from our manufacturer may take 1-3 business days to dispatch.
  • Our deliveries are handled by third-party companies, this means they might ship the products one or two days later than we have planned. It also means we can't guarantee the products are being delivered on the day we plan.
Payment Methods
  • HYPE2DAY currently supports checking out with Credit Card and Paypal.
Terms Of Payment
  • Finally it is possible to conclude debit operations in your very own currency. The price of your order is estimated at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Europe. No more differences between currency rates of the acquirer bank and the issuing bank. The total amount will be visible the whole time in your own currency, and will be the currency on your receipt.
  • Currencies you can use on HYPE2DAY: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, YEN.
Our Shipping Explained

The Old Way

The most commonly used purchase process for an online webshop is as following. The online store manages its warehouse. ordering products from manufacturers or suppliers that he works with. The next step is distribution of the products to the local arehouse, followed by distribution to the client from the local warehouse.


  • Faster local delivery


  • More fixed costs
  • More transshipment, more damages, more fuel usage
  • High & double import duties
  • High international shipping costs
  • Stocking and warehouse costs

Our way

Our way is a logistical model of online sales whereby the shipping proces is handed over to our manufacturer or supplier, i.e. the logistics operator. The role of the online store in this logistical model is limited to collecting purchase orders and forwarding them to the supplier, who ships the good directly to the customer.


  • Faster & free worldwife shipping
  • Less transshipment, less damage, better for the environment
  • Lower costs = lower consumer price
  • 99% of the times every product in stock


  • Slower local delivery
  • Shippng times vary due to customs and local post offices


HYPE2DAY tries to find the best solution for its customers all over the world. We chose our way of shipping so we cangive all of our customers the best shopping experience, and for the better of the environment.

  • If you have any questions about shipping, delivery or anything else, please contact us here, or e-mail us at: